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Louise’s Corner

I just realized that after over 40 years doing prison ministry that many people reading this even the ones that have been reading our newsletters for many years do not realize that I too am a volunteer. When we named Kingsway and had it chartered with the Virginia State Corporation Commission my husband, Shel and I, decided we would not take a salary. Kingsway is all volunteers. We felt there were too many people coming out of prison and their families were in some type to drive myself to these prisons, but there is coming a to financial need and we wanted our Kingsway supporters to help us make a difference in the lives of the people we helped. Now Kingsway is at a crossroads as October 23, 2021, I turned 86 years old. I am still working in the office 3+ days a week and going into 2 prisons for Church services. I am still able a time when I will not be able to do these things or remember people as I use to. As we think about the future of Kingsway Prison and Family Outreach; please pray for us. We need to raise enough money to hire an administration person, one that loves Jesus, and the people Kingsway serves. This will need to be at least $30,000.00 more a year in contributions.

This will not just help Kingsway; but it will help our community as well. Kingsway held a Birthday Bash on my birthday to help raise money for this on Saturday October 23rd, 4pm -6pm at the Mt. Crawford Ruritan Hall. Glory Bound Singers will be among the entertainment. You will find more information on our website events at

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