David discusses the impact of COVID-19 on the incarcerated

August 20, 2018

 Dear Kingsway Outreach,


Thank-you very much for my Birthday Card and thinking of me. It really means a lot. I got it on that exact day 14 Aug.  I do really enjoy Kingsway Prison Ministry and look forward  when you come on church nights.  And Ms. Jennings you truly are a very special blessing and all that you do & are doing and all the volunteers.  Always know that our Great Lord is watching & taking all account what you all do & is very pleased.  I do very much appreciate all that you do for all us that are in prison.  God bless you and all the volunteers and keep you all in His love and strength and in the power of His excellent Spirit.

Jesus Is Lord

John B

Coffeewood Correctional Center

Mitchells, Virginia

November 31, 2018


My name is Amber Davidson, I was incarcerated in 2012 at Harrisonburg Virginia regional jail for manufacturing of methamphetamine. I was there from Florida away from anyone and everyone I once knew. God brought me to a place of pure surrender and I was forced to call on His name if I wanted help. I was isolated away from things which linked to my former self and He began to show me who I was predestined to be. In this process He shown me what the love of Christ looked like on the face of another. Kingsway prison ministry was one of those faces, Louise Jennings, through my rough edged attitude loved me anyways. She was my chaplain and while battling to defeat my old character she would give me guidance in the word and lead me down the path of righteousness. She went and got my belonging which was all I had and stored them in a unit for 2 long years. She took her time, talent and resource to help me when I was released to get all the things I needed to get my life back up and running. We have also stayed in touch and been able to serve at a conference which has helped me grow as a woman of God to help birth the ideas for my own ministry. Kingsway loved me when I wasn’t lovable and helped me see that there was still good in the world. This ministry also showed me what it was to be the hands and feet of God.


July 2019
Kingsway Church Community
Greetings and blessings to you all. I have been attending the church here and Jesus is in the house!

I will be released sometime in November with the good Lord’s blessing and will let you guys know what’s going on from there. Still don’t know where but I know it’ll be where God wants me.

Want you all to know that you are not forgotten.
Keep the praise and prayers going and keep uplifting one another.

Yours in Christ,
Rob B


October 23, 2018

To Kairos #40

I‘d like to thank each and every one of you for opening your arms and welcoming me.

I have never been part of anything so awesome and amazing as this program and your willingness to accept people that most people have turned their backs on and those that have given up on themselves.

Thanks, words cannot express the feelings of acceptance and appreciation and being called by name and not a number.

Lord willing I will see you in March on the outside team.

God bless each and every one of you.


Kingsway Volunteer


December 2019

Dear Kingsway Ministries,


It's a blessing just to keep hearing from you.  You are very loyal to us prisoners.  I've moved around a lot, but God is with us.  I feel ashamed because, even though I've been faithful to prayer, study, and church, I have not reached out to you with/any appreciation for how your ministries have given me strength and encouragement (in the name of Jesus).


I pray that (as you already go) you continue to keep me in your prayers.  Pray with me over my strength, my families, friends, and church in the name of Jesus.  I do hope that one day we will be able to join you.  I love you, and appreciate all that you have done.  Thank you.  Praise God for having you in my life.  God bless your family.


Your Brother in Christ Jesus,

Eric L. Hughes


P.S.  Happy Holidays!


January 2020

Abner Garcia

Daveid Boyce

David Boyce

February 2020