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Each year, Kingsway Outreach serves as host site for the Apple Tree Project, which provides Christmas gifts for the children of incarcerated parents.  Around October, churches, businesses, and community members pick “apples” for children who have an incarcerated parent.  Each apple has the age, gender of the child, and a suggested toy, game, or Bible written on it.  The community member purchases the requested gift and returns it to Kingsway PAFO.  Volunteers match the gift with a child based on information provided by the incarcerated parent.  Each child receives an age-appropriate toy, a game, and a Christian storybook or Bible.  With community support, Kingsway has been able to add stocking stuffers and wrapping paper for the gifts so that the child's guardian can wrap the gift for them to open Christmas morning.  Gifts are picked up by guardians who live locally near the Harrisonburg, VA, area, but Kingsway PAFO also ships gifts to children throughout the state of Virginia.

Donations are accepted throughout the year.

Revised 4/11/24
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