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PAFO Staff

Forms can be filled online by typing in the blue fields for each item on the form. 


Using a desktop or laptop computer:

  • When the form is completed, click the “Click to save to computer and/or print” button at the bottom of the form:

  • The Print dialog box will open.

  • To save to your computer as a file to keep, print, or email later, select the option to save the file as a PDF, click “Print,” and save the file to your Desktop or the file folder of your choice.

  • Once the file is saved to your computer, create a new email message to, attach the file to the email message, and send it to Kingsway.

  • Optional:  To print a hard copy which you can send by USPS mail, select your printer and click “Print.”


If you do not have a computer:

  • This website and the forms can be accessed at a career center such as Goodwill, community organization such as Strength In Peers, and at the Kingsway office.

  • Complete the form, print a hard copy, and mail the form to Kingsway via USPS.

These forms cannot be completed and sent on any kind of smartphone at this time.

Page revised 4/09/2024
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